Hi, I'm Camilla, AKA "the ultimate velcro-dog"! I guess I'm just a natural-born snuggler! My early years (I was probably born in 1993) were nothing to write home about, so to speak!… I was a stray with two puppies and life was terribly hard. One day, a farmer took us in. A happy ending in sight? I'm afraid not. I was chained to a tree (my chain was very short), my "diet" was stale bread with water and, needless to say, I never saw a vet. A year later, the farmer and his family decided my puppies and I were "too expensive to keep" (can you believe it?) and dropped us at a shelter. The shelter had me spayed and two weeks later I was ADOPTED! I must have died and gone to doggy heaven! My real life thus began on May 3rd, 1996, the day I found my forever home… I also found a new "sister", Lea. She's my best friend now and we're truly inseparable. A couple of months later, we were joined by a two-month-old puppy called Daphne. She was adopted at the same shelter Lea and myself had been rescued from. She's quite a bully (even though a very small one, as she weighs about 8 pounds), but our Mom seems to adore her so we can't have her for lunch (just kidding!). I just love my new life, with a great family and a comfy home. What else could I ask for? Well, maybe a T-bone steak for dinner! It's time for a nap now (one of my favourite activities!…). See you soon, Camilla

On 24 August 2010, our sweet Camilla, at the estimated (and venerable) age of 17, was joyfully reunited with Lea at the Rainbow Bridge, not to be separated ever again. We love and miss you both so much! Rest in peace, little darlings.